About me

Hi, my name is Tomas. I’m a software developer interested mainly in various web and database technologies to which I try to dedicate most of my time. Except software development I also like to watch cyberpunk movies, read sci-fi books and collect quotes.

I realized that programming is one of my biggest passions back in a high school when I was developing C based Win32 desktop application for managing students. Since then I explored various technologies including C/C++, C#/.NET/Mono, Java, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and Node.js.

Most of my experience is targeted to .NET platform and web based technologies. I have a solid knowledge of RDBMS data modeling, SQL and several NoSQL database systems. I also have some minor experience with Windows and Linux server administration.

I have worked on various kinds of software projects and my current interest is around building scalable real-time single page web applications using .NET stack, NoSQL databases, HTML5 and JavaScript.

You can find some of my public profiles on these websites:

Or perhaps you would like to drop me a line: bosak.tomas<at>gmail.com