Node.js learning resources

20 Sep 2011

There are numerous node.js learning resources around the internets which includes articles, presentations, videos and other materials which offers explanations on various areas of this emerging technology. In this article I would try to aggregate selected materials to help those who are trying to learn node.js and server side JavaScript. If you would like to add some other good materials feel free to send me a pull request .


First some classic JavaScript resources, since understanding it’s principles is essential before going any further. Douglas Crockford’s six videos in the Crockford on JavaScript series (it’s worth to watch them all including the first history lesson) and his book JavaScript: The Good Parts are top tier resources if someone wants to take learning JavaScript seriously. Other materials includes JavaScript Garden, Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners and JavaScript Patterns book.


There are numerous introductory videos by Ryan Dahl himself (node.js creator) from which I recommend to watch at least these two: Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl and Server-side JavaScript with Node, Connect & Express. Other worth to read materials with node.js basics includes for example Node.js Guide and The Node Beginner Book.

How node.js event loop works

If you want to dig little deeper into node.js (I highly recommend you to do that) and learn how it works there are several articles on this topic like Understanding the node.js event loop and Understanding event loops and writing great code for Node.js.

Event driven programming, callbacks and asynchronous code design

Event driven programming (and architecture) represents a core concept for writing node.js programs and you should read the following articles not only to understand event driven systems, but also to learn how and why you should use callbacks and take advantage of asynchronous code: Node.js, Doctor’s Offices and Fast Food Restaurants – Understanding Event-driven Programming and Asynchronous Code Design with Node.js.

Pointers to other resources

Other great resources which centers around node.js technology includes several blogs such as node blog, node tuts, How To Node, DailyJS, nodejitsu blog and podcast show NodeUp.

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